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Adele Barrett is perfection in every way. Adele came very highly recommended to me by our kitchen designer, and from our first meeting, I knew they were right. Adele came into our busy home with three young children during a full main floor renovation and addition, and saw entirely through the mess of it all. This was my first experience using the services of an interior designer, so I was a little unsure of what to expect. My biggest concern was that my vision for the home would be overshadowed by someone else’s professional opinion and design “rules”. I was also worried that a designer would not take a practical approach to designing a space for a family made up of a mom, dad, three children under five (oh, and two cats and a dog!) Wow, was I mistaken! Adele encouraged me to share my vision and ideas for the space with her, to ensure that she could capture everything in a cohesive and lasting way.

Adele took all of the details of our first meeting away and within two weeks had pulled together the most fantastic and interesting collection of fabrics for our window coverings and accent cushions…the accuracy in which Adele captured my vision for the space was unbelievable.

Adele quickly became an auxiliary member of our family—when she came over to drop something off or to measure for a piece of furniture, my three children looked forward to showing her their latest artwork, or what they were having for breakfast that day. The whole family loves to see Adele.

Shortly after we finished our renovation I decided to contact Adele to help me update our master bedroom…again, she took my thoughts and ran with them…the result was a serene and one of a kind retreat. Another Adele Barrett success.

My husband and I recently purchased an old Victorian home and will be moving in the new year. I must admit that one of the very first people I thought to share the news of our purchase with was Adele. I cannot wait to have her visit, because I know that once again, Adele will transform our new space into something remarkable. Here’s to many more projects together Adele…I cannot wait to see what you come up with next.

Shauna Cobham
Interior Design client in Burlington

My wife and I have consulted with Adele Barrett Interior Design a number of times to assist in the decorating of our home. We have been extremely happy with her suggestions and the implementation of her recommendations. One thing that stands out about Adele is her enthusiasm for her work. She approaches each assignment not as a job but as a challenge.

Michael Guyatt C.A
Interior Design Consulting client in Hamilton

To say Thank You seems inadequate in letting you know how much your expertise and knowledge has helped in rebuilding our house into our Home. Your dedication is truly appreciated. We thank you most sincerely.

The Cronenberry’s
Interior Design client in Hamilton, Ontario

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Barrett on two major projects in the last three years. I purchased a dilapidated building on Hughson Street North to use as a legal office. Ms. Barrett was instrumental in restoring the building to pristine condition. To this day, I have photographers and people tour the building with respect to the detail and management of restoration done by Ms. Barrett and her company.

Furthermore, I had the distinct pleasure of purchasing beautiful and unique furnishings, including area rugs, antique furniture, window treatments and art. As the process evolved, she was always optimistic, upbeat and professional in the manner that she handled both my interests and those of the trades used in the restoration project.

I was so confident in her abilities that when I purchased an old schoolhouse in Strabane, Ontario to use as my residence, I once again hired Adele Barrett Interiors to assist in the restoration of the 1860’s school house. Again, I was rewarded with nothing but the utmost professionalism and great ideas. My home has become the subject of weekend tours by many passersby. They remark at the great work done by the designer, which was Ms. Barrett herself.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in hiring her company and in particular, using her services on any renovation or restoration project. I would be happy to speak to you if you need further information about her great talents.

Robert J. Hooper
Lawyer / President / Hooper Law Office / Hamilton, Ontario

I have known Adele for many years and have had commercial offices redesigned by her and my home redesigned. The key to Adele is her ability to make sure that the project goes smoothly with minimal disruption in your home or business. The design concepts she comes up with are far beyond what I or my wife would have imagined and knowing that your design is not just current but ahead of the design curve is very important.

I highly recommend Adele.

Russ McEdwards
Interior Design client in Hamilton, Ontario

Good luck, and when I get richer and richer again I’ll come to the interior design consultant with the exquisite taste.

Sylvia Wood
Interior Design client in Hamilton, Ontario

Everyone should know that not only do you design client’s current homes, but you also assist new home buyers/clients in choosing their design samples with their Builders Design centre. Having used you 3 times, we are extremely pleased that we followed your design input on new construction interiors which allowed for maximum-plus resale value when selling not to mention the numerous compliments we received from agents, friends, family etc.—Judy

Judy Myronuk
Interior Design client in Burlington