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Schoolhouse to Home – Part II

March 11, 2012

Principal Bedroom and Kitchen

The principal bedroom is one of four, three on the main floor and one in the loft.  The former is a retreat, with two sets of double, antique, carved wood doors from Egypt, a rustic crystal chandelier, and a dramatic headboard make from repurposed architectural panels.  Their Gothic arch shape suggest that they may have come from an old church.  The effect is almost ethereal.


The floor is carpeted with a custom bordered rug, and the walls are stencilled in an oversized damask design pulled from the carpet border, designed by Adele Barrett Interiors.  A floral crewel fabric in shades of cranberry, gold, green and blue is used for a roman shade and matching pillow.  The bed is covered in striped velvet and green paisley, all custom made.

The owners have hung their largest painting in this room, (and good for them!) It is a beautiful oil of an open door, painted blue, which leads you into a bright green room.  Sunlight spills into it, just as light streams into their bedroom from the adjacent tall mullioned window.

The ensuite bathroom has marble floor and shower tiles, accented with panels of river rock and a smaller version of the wall stencil.  In each corner two separate cabinets with sinks and mirrored medicine cabinets are lit with polished nickel sconces, and a built- in dressing table make this an ensuite to rival the best boutique hotel.

Down the hall from the principal suite, the main bathroom contains a claw-foot tub that looks at home among bead-board wainscoting painted navy blue, a pedestal sink with Venetian mirror, and a honey pine vanity desk that is new, but is so distressed that it looks like mice have nibbled on its legs for years.  A piece of slate blackboard from the school’s 1960’s addition was used for the vanity top, and visitors can leave a message with the chalk provided.  Above the wainscoting a spicy mustard yellow paint colour compliments the pine floor and vanity.  A perfect tiny antique brass candlestick lamp casts a mellow light on the chalkboard vanity top.

Back through the hallway and the antique double doors and you see the new kitchen to your right.  Once the family room with brick fireplace, we doubled the opening, added a brick arch that echoes the front entrance, and opened the existing arch from the servery to create a pass-thru.  The straw coloured reclaimed brick fireplace is once again a feature, and we added a bench, built into the side of the massive island with colourful cushions so Jenn can have a cozy spot to read her cookbooks and enjoy the warmth of the fire.

Schoolhouse Kitchen C

This is a kitchen like no other, an original master-work designed by Adele Barrett Interiors, executed by a local kitchen shop.  All the cabinets have been carefully aged with multiple applications of paint and glazes, in three distinct colours of Butter, Teal and Charcoal to give the impression that they were collected separately over many years.  There are tall teal painted cabinets standing guard beside the fireplace.  The glass doors have antique brass grills and brass tassel pulls.

Schoolhouse Kitchen D

The stove hood is finished in aged plaster and rises up from the stainless steel counter with large sweeping brackets, topped with a shelf to hold art and accessories.

The island and one wall of cabinets are in a buttermilk colour, with chunky dark round wood knobs reminiscent of old country kitchens.  The porcelain farm house sink looks right, along with the white, beige, and grey veined Calacatta marble top and backsplash.

Another free-standing unfitted cabinet is painted charcoal grey, a similar shade to that used on the servery cabinets. It has custom made recessed panelled doors with mission styling. A tiny flat screen T.V. is tucked into a niche alongside pottery and ceramic bowls.

Schoolhouse Kitchen B

But the most surprising and dramatic feature of the kitchen is the light fixture.  It is another one-of-a-kind piece, measuring five feet by seven feet, charcoal grey painted wood structure, reminiscent of metal I-beams forming a double capital “I” shape.  It has over twelve halogen recessed lights in it, spot lighting many different areas of the kitchen. It draws your eye up to look beyond it to the cathedral ceiling, which is panelled in pine boards and framed in rustic wood beams.  A large skylight was added to allow natural sunlight to illuminate the room.

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