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National Home Show and Canada Blooms 2012 Trends

April 4, 2012

Window frame filled with a pretty patchwork of vibrant flowers and other natural materials.  Notice the combination of orange and pink, cooled off with bright lime green.  These colours are great for spring, including Pantone’s now famous Tangerine Tango, and would be wonderful in accessories, such as throw pillows and vases.

There were inspiring displays at both shows.  Here are some pictures and ideas that may move you to make some changes, which will be way more fun than spring cleaning!

Outdoor industrial garden chic lighting from Sweet Peas in Toronto.

A nicely weathered looking wall sconce from Sweet Peas,Toronto.


Yellow and Orange painted branches compliment yellow/orange plants.

Vintage light fixture in antique brass adds a modern touch to a traditional framed kitchen from Bloomsbury, Toronto.  Antique Nickel, stainless steel, and satin brass mix well when the correct amounts of each are used, as they are in this kitchen display.

Custom mirrored doors add light, elegance and space to the same display kitchen.

Decorative mosaic tiles are surprising affordable, from $1,500 to $2,500 for thirty-five square feet, from Orro Mosaic inVaughn,Ontario.  Wonderful for a powder room, as an accent over a bathtub, or in an entrance.  Would also make a unique headboard.


 Marble and inlaid hardwood floor.

 A leggy island– if you don’t need extra storage below, this looks refreshing.

There were many displays of doors and windows.  What’s new are fibreglass entry doors that have the texture of wood, so they can be stained to look just like the real thing.  There are many, many options for the glass inserts, and there seems to be more and more glass than ever.  A very good website, by Novatech, a Canadian manufacturer, helps you to design your own entry door. Click on their Design Centre for a excellent selection of door and glass styles, then you can print out the design, as well as get a quote for your creation.  You can even download a picture of your house, and insert a door in one of their factory colours, to see exactly how the door will look.

Finally, I will leave you with a beautiful picture of orange tulips–watch for them to be coming to a garden near you.  Who can resist!

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