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Feathers and Linen

July 6, 2017

feather accent on roman

Feathers tickle my fancy!  Here are a few reasons that I love feathers, and enjoy using them in my decorating.

  1.  I love using accessories from nature.
  2.  Sometimes they are free!  The ones in the photo above were a little gift from my emu farm friends at Fenwood Farms.
  3.  They are unexpected in decor.
  4.  I love the natural colour palettes, especially black/brown/grey/white
  5.  They have a graceful drape.
  6.  They are a good alternative to costly manufactured trims on drapery, again, see above.
  7.  They look a bit exotic.
  8.  I don’t like peacock feathers, the colours are too harsh for me, but there are many alternatives, for example, chicken feathers, which are the smaller brown feathers on the roman shade above.
  9.  The larger ones are great grouped together in a vase.
  10.  Tied in a bunch, they can be tucked into a Christmas tree.
  11.  A large bunch makes a great Christmas tree topper.
  12.  They can be tucked into floral arrangements and greenery at any time of the year, but are especially nice for Christmas feather Christmas arrangement


Natural fabrics are my favourite for drapery, bedding and upholstery:  linen, cotton, wool and leather.  Feathers are a natural compliment to these materials.

I think birds are beautiful too. 

That’s another article waiting to be written.

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