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Design Inspiration

February 17, 2016

Design Inspiration



Our clients’ carved birds, collected on a trip to Africa, inspired fabric and rug choices for their family room

Design Inspiration comes from many places, but there are far more sources today than there were 20 years ago.

Today we have Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, Blogs, and on-line articles that we have had access to only in the past 10 years.  We used to rely on nature, fashion, travel, magazines, literature, art and movies.

Reflection, meditation and imagination always were, and will always, be the best way to channel design inspiration.  Perhaps dreams should be added to this list.

I used to have a recurring dream about a home accessory that I invented. I used a gnarly tree branch as a holder for an original painting, mounted on the wall.  This dream is perhaps 30 years old, much older than the reclaimed wood and branch trend that has been popular in the last five years.

I have designed incredibly colourful and intricate patterns for wallpaper in my dreams.  This was one of my most thrilling dreams; it is right up there with flying, which I used to do regularly, and now I lift off only about once a year.

I wish that I had documented the wallpaper design from my dream!  Better yet, if only someone would let me design wallpaper!

Here are two examples of new wallpaper designs that I love.  They are from Calico wallpaper:

I know, I know, I said that I would never design with wallpaper again, but these are so great!  Grasscloth and cork remain favourites, and there is a mural in a marble pattern that we sourced for a client recently. 

Nature remains a powerful inspiration for the design industry.  It informs some of the best wallpapers and fabrics and allows designers to have both glamour and earthiness in our designs.  This creates the perfect balance in an interior, no matter the budget or style.

So, design inspiration may come from many places, and every year there are more and more.  If you have the desire, as we do as design professionals, to be excited about what you do, you will look for inspiration everywhere. 


About Adele Barrett

Adele Barrett is a consulting interior designer in Hamilton and Dundas. Over twenty years of conferences and continuing education classes keep Adele Barrett Interiors design practice both on trend and timelessly classic. She started collecting paint chips from the local lumber yard when she was 3 years old, and a seed was planted that grew into a career. Continue reading...